Mena BlackPaw Belgian Malinois

Imported Perle De Tourbiere Bloodline. 

Mena B.P. Malinois

Mena B.P. Malinois is a small family owned and operated kennel. We at MBP

are not your typical kennel breeder.

We do not believe in breeding a large amount of puppies, so we do 

things a little different. 

We try to produce really good working and


confirmation puppies by adding hard breeding and foundation programs.


Our dogs and puppies are raised with our children.

We chose Belgian Malinois for their excellent drive, desired looks and their full


hard grips.


They also have very high energy and in our opinion, are the best working dog


breed around. 

We fully expect our dogs to work their hardest to meet the goal of


going to competitions and exceed the individuals expectations.

We at MBP Malinois are in the process of developing the Dual Purpose 

Prospect Puppy Program. 

We discovered the need for this type of program while


looking at several dogs that do not have the proper foundation. If the foundation


has not been developed these dogs can be a little slow and a little harder to train.


To see more information please go to our Basic Requirement page.

We train working dogs for sport, personal protection, narcotic, police work, and


super family dog. 

So before you decide to purchase an MBP puppy, you need to


do research to make sure that this type of breed will fit your family needs.

Our bloodline is extremely strong in the KNPV line so it is very important for our 

customers to follow our recommendations and requirement for their new pup.

All of our dogs/puppies are AKC registered. We also do  OFA tests on


all of our dogs.


The tests are Hip, Elbow, Cardiac, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and CHIC

(Health-Tested Parents For Healthier Puppies).

 Our dogs are genetic test to guarantee that they are 100% Belgian Malinois.

The Perle De Tourbiere bloodline comes from The Netherlands. We are going to


continue to import puppies to improve our breeding program. We are always


looking for the PDT bloodline. If you are interested in our dogs please feel free to


email us.


Here are some of the certificates and titles on the parents.

(1) certificate    (2) certificate

Here is a link for more information and details on the

Belgian Malinois Dog.


AKC Standard and Color

It is very important for our customers to find the proper trainer for their new pup, 

they can go to Association of Professional Dog Trainers ( for help.

To see more pictures/ videos of the pups and dogs that MBP has sold or is

training at this time, please go to our Facebook page at MBP Belgian Malinois.

We have 1 Female Dogs available

Updated: 04/09/2019

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